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NAME: Tori Himemiya
AGE: 15
CANON: Ensemble Stars!

CANON HISTORY: Tori's wiki page
CANON PERSONALITY: The first thing that anyone notices about Tori is the fact that he is SUPER adorable. Like, way too adorable to be a high schooler. He is the epitome of 'cute' in every possible way, from the way he smiles to the bounce in his step all the way to the way he talks and cries. The fact that he's so short and has pink hair doesn't help his case at all. He is a perfectly cute little idol with plenty of adoring fans just because he is so gosh-darned cute.

Unfortunately, this first impression of Tori would be completely incorrect in describing his actual character. Underneath his delightful facade lurks a little devil of a boy, just waiting for the opportunity to get his way. There are a few basic key factors that play into Tori's personality, and they are as follows:

One, he is a spoiled little brat. Having grown up in a wealthy home born as the heir to a well-known family, Tori has had everything he could ever want from a very young age. On top of having any tangible things he asks for, he also has a manservant who even followed him to his school of choice - a school for idols - in order to be able to wait on him whenever Tori might need something. As such, Tori tends to expect people to behave this way around him in general. He has grown to be a very selfish boy who thinks that the entire world should cater to him in order to make him happy. And he's not afraid to push to get his own way with people, even if they don't know who he is.

Two, he loves to look down on other people. It's not just that he thinks he deserves to look down on others, it's the fact that he enjoys seeing other people suffer for his own sake. For example, he revels in shutting down unauthorized Dream Fests on his school's campus just because it gives him an opportunity to get the lowly peasants of the school in trouble, which is all too entertaining for him. Stepping on others to raise himself up is just part of the fun that he gets to have as a Himemiya.

Three, Tori has very much become a giant child because of the way he was raised. He relies on others heavily and there are many things that he can't even figure out how to do, let alone actually do them. He is, in every essence, the definition of 'spoiled rotten'.

Four, because of his family, Tori was raised with the finest education that the world had to offer, so he is a very intelligent young man, even if that intelligence does almost nothing to make him less of a brat. That being said, he is a quick learner because of it and will often pick up new tricks just by trying at it for a little while, though he often doesn't want to try because that is just too much like working.

Despite his upbringing and all of the things it has done to shape him as a person, Tori's time at Yumenosaki - the school for idols - has done a lot to completely alter who he is. Since coming to the school, Tori has learned how to respect others - if they have earned it - and how to make friends - provided those friends are alright with being walked all over. Most notably, though, is the fact that Tori has become a hard working individual who tries his best to make sure that his unit stays the best unit in the school. From working as a part of the student council all the way to training hard in order to put on a circus performance to welcome back the president - and his unit's leader.

Tori is, at this time, an ever-changing person. He wants to continue being the person he is, but at the same time he likes the feeling of friendship that he's finally managed to form with Anzu. Who he becomes from here will depend entirely on if someone can put up with his overbearing personality - and who that unfortunate person happens to be.
SKILLS/ABILITIES: Tori is a grade A idol! He knows how to sing, dance, and put on a performance worthy of any stage. Also, he has recently learned how to tame animals and get them to do tricks on command. But only the small ones. He's too small to deal with anything large yet.

AU NAME: Tori Himemiya
AU AGE: 14
PHYSICAL DIFFERENCES: Tori has to upkeep his light pink hair. He absolutely thinks he looks the cutest when his hair is this color and he will not let anyone tell him otherwise. His natural hair is simply black, though, so it takes regular bleaching and dying for him to maintain his good looks.

• Born and raised in Japan in a very wealthy family
• Has a servant that has been with him since he was very little
• Has a younger sister who he doesn't like
• Son of a very successful businessman and an heiress
• Raised by servants more than his parents
• Only very recently moved from Japan and is very bitter about it
• Is still getting used to his new school and all of the crappy commoners there
• Has never had an actual friend in his life because no one is "good enough"
AU PERSONALITY: The most marked difference between this version of Tori and his canon personality is that he never entered Yumenosaki Academy and therefore has not become an idol. This causes a change in his personality mostly because he's never been in a position where he has to work together with others in order to achieve his goals and he has never actually looked up to someone that he thinks is better than him.

With that in mind, Tori in this universe is much more bratty and demanding than he is in canon, and that's saying something! He has no basis for empathizing with others and his ability to think of anyone but himself is absolutely zero. He is more prone to fits and childish behavior as a result and is less likely to be subtle in his manipulations in any way. Everything is blatant black or white for this child - either you are wealthy or a commoner. And if you are the latter, you had better do things for him when he asks.

It should also be noted that Tori is not above lying to get what he wants. This includes lying to authority figures in order to get others in trouble for not doing what he asks.

Basically, this version of Tori has never had a wake-up call to show him he's wrong about his superiority and is therefore certain he is Supreme.


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